The Real Story of the Amityville House

Many people know the Amityville House from the Hollywood movie. However, the movie was adapted from the real thing happened in this house, a house that is located in Long Island, New York. The stories that you might have heard from this house are mostly the real stories that happened in the past in this house.

One of them is the story of DeFeo. This story was one of the headlines in many newspapers in the past. That is because Ronal DeFeo Jr. murdered all of the family members inside this house. He shot all of them until no one left. When the police investigated the case, DeFeo said that he was possessed. The police did not just believe his story, but many people believed that because no one will have the courage to kill all of the family members where they live unless they are possessed.

The Real Story of the Amityville HouseFew years after the case was closed, this house was sold to the Lutz family. They have been told about the history of the house, the mass murder of the DeFeo family, but they insisted on buying the house. Soon after they moved to the new Amityville house, they were disturbed by the strange phenomena on the house. All of the family members had the similar experience, starting from hearing the sounds in the middle of the nights and the shadows running around the house. They also called the help of Ed and Lorraine Warren, the famous paranormals at that time but they still cannot get it right for the house. However, they found some proofs that there are ghosts of the DeFeo from the infrared photos that they captured inside the house during the investigation. On this modern time, this house becomes a tourist attraction, but there is no one who dares to come close after the sunsets.