the brown lady of Raynham HallThere are a lot of people who believe in ghost, but not all of those people have ever seen one. That is because most of them believe that ghost is something that you cannot see. However, it turned out that there are some phenomena in this world that cannot be simply described about the ghost. That is because there are some photos and pictures that are taken with a ghost in it. For your information, here are some of the scariest ghost that ever taken into a photo.

The first one is the brown lady of Raynham Hall. The photo was taken by a photographer who took the dress photos in Raynham Hall. At that time, his assistant told him that someone was walking down the stairs and when the photographer took the photo, the woman was gone. Soon after the photo was printed, they found a kind of white transparent shadow with the exact dress that the assistant saw at the stairs. The photo was clear enough to show the woman walking down the stairs. The second photo is the ghost on the stairs. This photo was taken by a pastor named Ralph Hardy when he was visiting national museum that is located in Greenwich. He did not feel anything when he took the photo because he only thought that the stairs have the unique shape. However, after the photo was printed, he found out a man holding the railing as if he is dying. Some people think that this photo was a fake, but Kodak, as one of the biggest photo industries at that time convinced that the photo was real.

Scariest Ghost Photos Ever Taken

The next one is the Freddie Jackson. This one is quite famous because the photo was released to the public. Freddie Jackson was a mechanic on the World War II and he died because of an accident of the propellers when he was fixing an aircraft. Soon after the World War II ended, his team took a photograph and in one of the corner, there was him. Many people believed that this photo was real, especially his friend on the team. However, there are also a lot of people questioning the photo by saying that the photo was fake. Those are some of the scariest ghost photos that have ever taken in the world. Some of the members might not believe in ghost, but they really exist in this world.