Paranormal can be simply described as someone who can see the future or the one whose prophecy becomes reality. Unfortunately, many people think that the paranormals are the one who can deal with ghost and such things. For your information, actually there are some great paranormals that you might have missed if you think that paranormal is all about ghost only. Here are some of those greatest paranormals that you might have missed.

The first one is Vanga Pandeva. She comes from Bulgaria. She lost her vision when she was 12 because of a storm, but that was the beginning of her future sight. That is because she started to see something from the future. Some of her prophecies that became reality are the sink of the Russian submarine and also the tragic accident of WTC that happened in 2001. The second one is Edgar Cayce. He was known as the sleeping prophet because he had his bible all of the time. As an addition to that, he also had a though life to live.

However, that is not the only thing why many people called him as the sleeping prophet. It is because the fact that he can sense the upcoming future as well as heal the illness. Many people came to him to get some help. His best prophecies are the upcoming World War II and the Indian Independence.

The last one is Jucelino. He is one of the youngest of all because he still lived until this time. That is why most of his prophecies are related with the not-so-long events such as the death of Lady Diana and the big tsunami that hit Indonesia in 2004. One thing that many people from wait is his prophecy about the greatest disaster that will happen in 2043 that will also kill more than 80 percents of world population.