Grand Hyatt Taipei

Many people agree that there are some hotels that have bad reputation because of the service that they give. However, what about the reputation because there are some other things that you cannot see that live on the hotel. That is something that many people might have never considered. For your information, there is one hotel in Taiwan that is known as one of those hotels that offer you the amazing facilities, including the scary experiences too. The name of the Hotel is Grand Hyatt that is located in Taipei.

Many of you might have known the name of Grand Hyatt as one of the best hotel chains in the world and the same thing is applied for this hotel in Taiwan. That is because if you are talking about all of the facilities and the amnesties on this hotel, you can be sure that you will get the best on this hotel. Unfortunately, there are quite a lot of scary stories about this hotel. One of them is the experiences of some guests who heard about the snore in the middle of the night even though they were all awake.

That is why they consider that thing as something scary. Another story told you about the guest who could not sleep because of the sound of the toilet that is being flushed over and over again. In the morning, that guest asked the room service to check it, but nothing was wrong. At that very time, the guest left the hotel.

If you want to take a look at some old photos of this hotel, you might be able to find two giant paintings on the wall next to the main lift of this hotel. Many people thought those paintings were talismans to repel all of the bad energies and auras incoming to the hotel. However, those paintings were taken some years ago. Even though the hotel management said that those things were just paintings given from one of the hotel connections, many people did not just trust that kind of thing.

As an addition to there were also some guests who realized that there was a small talisman that they find behind the painting on the center of the room. The spot is hidden though, but there were some guests who were curious enough and found the talisman there. If you have to spend your time in this hotel, you might want to check the painting first.