the Nun Film Making

Few months ago, the Nun was released to the public. This horror movie is something that many people have been waiting for because the story is closely related with some other horror movies such as Conjuring the first and the second. That is why many people are waiting for this new horror movie. Few weeks after the premiere, this horror movie attracted a lot of attentions from many people. Unfortunately, there are not many people who realized that there are some horror experiences from some of the cast during their time when they were filming the movie. If you are curious, here are some of them.

The first one started at the beginning scene of The Nun by Taissa Farmiga. There was a scene when she had to walk slowly with a lantern on the dark. Unfortunately, this scene was taken from far away so that she owned her spot there on the pitch dark outside the castle. While waiting the director to say action, she felt the chill sensation behind her neck, but she did not tell anybody until the act is finished. Another simple but scary story still comes from Farmiga. She actually is not a kind of person who loves to watch the horror movie. As a matter of fact, she was quite terrified with the horror movie itself. That might be one reason why there were some nights when she had to sleep near the castle with some other casts and could not sleep because of many different disturbances. The worst of all is that fact that many of the other casts were sleeping without any problem at all.

The last but not least, it is the real deal from the director itself, Corin Hardy. There was a time when he had to check on the take on his small screen. However, he had to do it alone at night. One time, he checked on his cell phone and realized that there were two other lighting crews on the same place. After that, he continued the job to check on the take. When everything was done, he was happy so that he jumped to the back. Learning that there was no one there, he jumped back to his seat. That is not something that he will easily forget in his life, especially because this movie is said to be taken from the real horror story in that castle.