Baiyoke Sky Hotel in Thailand

Hotel is one place where many people stay when they are traveling. That is why hotels should be nice and comfortable. However, what will happen if you are spending a night on a hotel with scary reputation? That is one thing that some of the guests experienced when they were spending their nights on these hotels. Here are some of those hotels with the scary reputation that you can find in Asia.

The first one is Baiyoke Sky Hotel in Thailand. The name was taken from the height of this hotel that can be considered as the highest buildings in Bangkok Thailand. Even though this hotel has a good reputation in Thailand, it turned out that this hotel has its own scary story that you need to know. That is because there were some visitors who experienced something mystic such as the moving keys of the room, the sound from the bathtub, and even the kind of sudden chill sensation inside the hotel room. Based on many rumors, it is said that the hotel is haunted by the ghost of the workers who died there some years ago.

The next one is Grand Hyatt in Taiwan. The name of Grand Hyatt is something that all of you will surely have heard because this hotel is quite famous. Unfortunately, the same thing cannot be simply applied to the Grand Hyatt in Taiwan. That is because even though this hotel chain has a good reputation, the one in Taiwan also has some scary stories flying around the hotel. There were some guests who heard about the toilet flushing all night long or even the loud snoring that came from nowhere. For  information, in the old time, this hotel has two giant paintings that looked like a talisman. Many people believe that those things were charm, but the owner said those things were just decoration. The last one is Marroad Narita International in Japan. This hotel is quite famous because the hotel is near the airport. That is why many flight crews and attendants chose this hotel as their place to rest. Unfortunately, there used to be a dead body that was stored in one of the rooms of this hotel for some months. The dead body was a dead body from one of the cult in Japan. That fact alone might be able to show you that there will always be scary stories to find around the hotel.