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Best Ghost Photos in the World

Ghost is not something that many people believed. However, there are a lot of people who have taken some photos in their live that prove that ghost is real. That is because they have the pictures of the ghost. If you still do not believe in ghost, here are some of the best ghost photos that have ever taken.

the Freddie Jackson photoThe first one is the Conjuring ghost. Conjuring is a movie telling you about the paranormals, Ed and Lorraine Warren. It is a true story and you cannot deny it. That is because when they were visiting the Amityville house, they captured a photo with the infrared sensor. The photo showed a kid hiding behind a door with the flashy eyes. Even though it is not clear enough, it can be a proof that this house is really haunted because of the butchery incident done by Ronald DeFeo Jr. on that house in 1974. The second one is the Freddie Jackson photo. Freddy Jackson died in an accident as a mechanic in World War II. After the war was over, his entire team took a group picture and Freddie was there. Even though some people think that the photo was a fake, most of his friends think the otherwise.

Waverly Hills HospitalThe last one is the nurse in Waverly Hills Hospital. This place is totally haunted and it is not a secret anymore. That is because many people visit this place to feel the scary things inside. As an addition about ghost in sometimes have been revealad in public, there are a lot of photos that show that this hospital is haunted. Among all of those photos, the nurse is the best of all. That is because the nurse was known as Mary Lee, one nurse that killed herself because the doctor did not want to take the responsibility over her pregnancy.

Most Haunted Places to See in Asia

Asia is quite famous for its ghost stories. That is because there are a lot of different ghosts that you can find in this region, though ghost itself is considered as something quite unknown. Despite of that fact, there are a lot of haunted places that you can find in Asia. However, here are some of the most haunted places that you can find in this region. The first one is the Clark Hospital that is located in Angeles Philippine. Angeles cannot be considered as a quite place, but this hospital is an exception. This hospital was built before the World War II and it was used to treat all of the victims of World War II in Philippine. Unfortunately, from thousands of victims, less than 50 percents were survived. Most of them died on this hospital. Many people believed that this abandoned hospital was inhabited by the ghosts of those people who died during the World War II.

Phra Si Sanphet Temple that is located in Ayutthaya ThailandThe second one is Tat Tak School in Hong Kong. This school used to be a nice school and that can be simply seen by the design of this school. Unfortunately, there are a lot of mysticism stories around the school, starting from the murder cased in one of the classroom to the ghost of a woman wearing the red bloody dress. As an addition to that, the fact that the school is surrounded by cemeteries is one reason why many the agen sbobet players do not want to go near this abandoned school, even when they just have to pass by. The next one is Phra Si Sanphet Temple that is located in Ayutthaya Thailand. This temple is believed to hold the treasures from the past so that many people used to search the treasures on this temple. However, that was the beginning of the story when many grave robbers got the treasures and they died tragically. Since that time, there are a lot of stories about this haunted place.

Lawang Sewu in IndonesiaThe last one is Lawang Sewu in Indonesia. This place becomes a nice tourist attraction on the day, but on the night, nobody wants to get inside. That is because this old building was used as the torture place for all of the Indonesian who fought against the Japanese soldiers after the World War II. Until this time, the torture chamber can still be found on the basement area of this building, which is closed for the tourists.