Most Haunted Places in the World

Ghost is something that you cannot visibly see, but the existence can be felt. That is why some of you might have a goose bumps when you are in a place that can be considered as haunted. If you want to know, there are a lot of scary places all over the world that are considered as haunted. Here are some of those places. The first one is the old Jewish cemetery that you can find in Czech Republic. Cemetery is something scary for many people, but this one might be the scariest of all. That is because this cemetery is known throughout the Europe as the mass grave for more than a hundred thousand Jewish people. Unfortunately, there are only about twelve thousand tombstones to find on this area. That might mean that one tombstone is used for burying about nine people inside.

Hashima Island in JapanThe second one is the Doll Island in Mexico. Based on the name, this island is not that scary, but the fact is in total contrary. On the beginning, Julian Santana was collecting the dolls that he found on the garbage to be hung on the trees that he found on this island. Since 1950 continuing many years later, he had lots of dolls hung in this island. Many members think that the spirits of the unwanted dolls occupy the island and because of that reason, this place is considered as one of the most haunted places in the world.

Hashima Island in JapanThe last one is Hashima Island in Japan. This island used to be very crowd because there are a lot of Japanese people who lived in this island. In 1959, there are more than five thousand people who live on this island. This island was also quite attractive because this island focused on the mining town. Unfortunately, in 1974 there was an accident related with the mining activity. Because of that reason, this island was fully closed few years after that. After the closing of this island, this island became one abandoned island with no one lives in there ever again. This tale is becoming one of the scariest tale in Japan because many people believed that only ghosts who live in this island. Those are some of the scariest places that you can find on earth. There are some other places, but those places are some of the scariest that you can find in this world.