Some of the Cases Solved by Ed and Lorraine

For those who love horror things, the name of Edward and Loraine is not something uncommon. That is because this couple can be simply considered as the ghost buster couple that has helped a lot of people dealing with ghost and such supernatural things. For your information, they are also considered as the best paranormal ever. That is because there were a lot of great cases about ghost that have been solved by these two couple. Here are some of those cases.

The first one is the doll of Annabelle. This one can be considered as the first case of Edward Warren. That is because there were two girls who became a roommate in 1986. These two girls believed that there was something wrong with the doll that they have. Edward finally took the doll and after some investigations, he finally found out that the doll was possessed by the spirit of a girl named Annabelle Higgins. Not long after that, the doll was kept on the Occult Museum that he had.

The second one is the case of Amityville House. This one is also one famous case because the story has been filmed for two times by the different productions. Unfortunately, even though Edward said that the story was a real thing that happened in the past, there are still some people who consider that his story was hoax. Therefore, it is all up to you if you think the story is hoax or not.

The next one is the poltergeist case in Enfield. For you who have watched Conjuring the second, then you will notice that the main storyline of the movie is derived from this story. That is because Ed and Loraine had to investigate the thing that happened in a house in Enfield. They believed that there are a lot of poltergeist activities inside the house so that they have to do something to help the people inside the house. Even though, once again, some people at said that the story was made by some kids who were looking for attention, Ed and Loraine proved that those things were not a simple story that was made by kids. They proved that the thing was really happening at that house. Those are some of the cases that have been solved by Ed and Loraine. Even though their action was not as amazing as the one you watched in some of the movies, it is still something great.