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The Scariest Hospitals in Europe

Hospital is meant to cure patients with disease. That is why the hospital was built. Unfortunately, as the time goes, there are a lot of hospitals in the world that are left abandoned and finally becoming one of the scariest hospital. In fact, some of those hospitals are becoming one place that no one wants to visit ever again. For your information, there are two scary hospitals that you can find in Europe. Here are those hospitals.

The first one is the mental hospital in Parma, Italy. The location is not that remote at all because it is located in Parma, a big city in Italy. However, this mental hospital is totally scary so that you will get the goose bumps all over the place if you are visiting this hospital. The thing is that this mental hospital turned out to be a kind of torture place for some of the patients who have a big mental problems. Some of them are tortured to death so that many people believe that the ghosts are still inside this hospital.

 Militer Beelits HospitalThe second one is Militer Beelits Hospital that you can find in German. This hospital was used by the German military during the First World War and Second World War. In fact, Hitler was said to be recovered on this hospital too during the Second World War. Unfortunately, not long after that, this hospital was closed and abandoned for many years. The scary things from this place mostly come from the used tools and equipments that are still there untouched. You will surely feel the presence of the ghosts when you are entering this old and abandoned hospital. Those are two of the scariest hospitals that the judi online players can try to visit in Europe. Are you brave enough to visit one of those hospitals?

How to Deal if You are Living in a Haunted House

Living in a haunted house is something that all of the people do not want to do. Unfortunately, there are some people who have no other choice but to live on this kind of house. That is because they have nothing else and they have nowhere else to go. That is a sad fact to know. If you are also one of those people who live on the haunted house, there are some things that you can do to deal with the other livings inside the house. Here are some of the things that you can try.

For the start, you need to keep the track of the things that happens inside the house, the strange things. This one is quite important to learn the pattern of those strange things. There will be patterns that you can learn from those strange things such as the time, the duration, or the location. The next thing that you can try is to stay calm as if nothing bad happens. This one is quite important because the other livings do not want to be disturbed. That means you just need to do all of you regular activities without having to think about the ghost. However, if there is something happen when you are doing your regular activity, there might be the time when you cross your line with the things who also live in the house. That is also one point of having the track of the strange things, to find the pattern. Some agen poker online sites also contain about fact capturing the haunted.

How to Deal if You are Living in a Haunted HouseIf you think that you are getting the worst of all, then you will need to call a medium that can help you deal with the problems inside the house. Some of the haunted houses are not that scary, but there are some others that need to be cleaned if you want to live in there.

Most Haunted Places to See in Asia

Asia is quite famous for its ghost stories. That is because there are a lot of different ghosts that you can find in this region, though ghost itself is considered as something quite unknown. Despite of that fact, there are a lot of haunted places that you can find in Asia. However, here are some of the most haunted places that you can find in this region. The first one is the Clark Hospital that is located in Angeles Philippine. Angeles cannot be considered as a quite place, but this hospital is an exception. This hospital was built before the World War II and it was used to treat all of the victims of World War II in Philippine. Unfortunately, from thousands of victims, less than 50 percents were survived. Most of them died on this hospital. Many people believed that this abandoned hospital was inhabited by the ghosts of those people who died during the World War II.

Phra Si Sanphet Temple that is located in Ayutthaya ThailandThe second one is Tat Tak School in Hong Kong. This school used to be a nice school and that can be simply seen by the design of this school. Unfortunately, there are a lot of mysticism stories around the school, starting from the murder cased in one of the classroom to the ghost of a woman wearing the red bloody dress. As an addition to that, the fact that the school is surrounded by cemeteries is one reason why many the agen sbobet players do not want to go near this abandoned school, even when they just have to pass by. The next one is Phra Si Sanphet Temple that is located in Ayutthaya Thailand. This temple is believed to hold the treasures from the past so that many people used to search the treasures on this temple. However, that was the beginning of the story when many grave robbers got the treasures and they died tragically. Since that time, there are a lot of stories about this haunted place.

Lawang Sewu in IndonesiaThe last one is Lawang Sewu in Indonesia. This place becomes a nice tourist attraction on the day, but on the night, nobody wants to get inside. That is because this old building was used as the torture place for all of the Indonesian who fought against the Japanese soldiers after the World War II. Until this time, the torture chamber can still be found on the basement area of this building, which is closed for the tourists.