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Knowing More about Triskaidekaphobia

The word triskaidekaphobia is derived from Greek triskaideka ‘thirteen’ and phobos ‘fear’. The word therefore means fear of the number 13. The fear of Friday the 13th can be said to have been originating from this condition (called paraskevidekatriaphobia—from Greek paraskevi ‘Friday’ or friggatriskaidekaphobia—from Frigga, the Norse goddess who is the namesake of the English word Friday). The word has been recorded since at least 1910 where it was found in Abnormal Psychology by Isador Coriat. There have been two theories explaining the origin of the phobia.

The Judas theory tries to explain that the fear stems from the fact that Judas was the 13th disciple of Jesus to sit at the table during the Last Supper and he was the one who betrayed the latter. This theory began in the 1890s. The Bible itself made no mentions of the order in which the Apostles sat but there were indeed 13 people around the event. The Hammurabi theory tries to explain that a reference to unlucky number 13 appeared as early as 1780 BCE in the Babylonian Code of Hammurabi. The Code omitted the 13th law.

There are events that people from associated with the number 13. Apollo 13 suffered an explosion on its oxygen tank on April 13, 1970. The Knights Templar was arrested on Friday, October 13, 1307 by the order of Philip IV of France. At the time, only the number 13 was considered unlucky; there was no fear of Friday the 13th. The idea that their arrest was related to phobia of Friday the 13th is incorrect and was popularized by the novel The Da Vinci Code.

Fear of specific number, however, does not only apply to the number 13. There is hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia (fear of number 666). Tetraphobia is common in Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and China, among others. In Italy, number 17 is considered unlucky. The Roman numeral for 17 is XVII, which when rearranged to VIXI would mean “I have lived”. This, in turn, is considered a euphemism for “I am dead”. A number of western cultures regard Friday the 13th to be unlucky—hence the aforementioned paraskevidekatriaphobia. Tuesday the 13th, however, is considered equally unlucky in Greece and some parts of Spain and Latin America. In some parts of Afghanistan, there is something called the curse of 39. The number 39 is thrice thirteen. It is considered cursed or a source of shame.

Hotels with Scary Stories in Asia

Hotel is one place where many people stay when they are traveling. That is why hotels should be nice and comfortable. However, what will happen if you are spending a night on a hotel with scary reputation? That is one thing that some of the guests experienced when they were spending their nights on these hotels. Here are some of those hotels with the scary reputation that you can find in Asia.

The first one is Baiyoke Sky Hotel in Thailand. The name was taken from the height of this hotel that can be considered as the highest buildings in Bangkok Thailand. Even though this hotel has a good reputation in Thailand, it turned out that this hotel has its own scary story that you need to know. That is because there were some visitors who experienced something mystic such as the moving keys of the room, the sound from the bathtub, and even the kind of sudden chill sensation inside the hotel room. Based on many rumors, it is said that the hotel is haunted by the ghost of the workers who died there some years ago.

The next one is Grand Hyatt in Taiwan. The name of Grand Hyatt is something that all of you will surely have heard because this hotel is quite famous. Unfortunately, the same thing cannot be simply applied to the Grand Hyatt in Taiwan. That is because even though this hotel chain has a good reputation, the one in Taiwan also has some scary stories flying around the hotel. There were some guests who heard about the toilet flushing all night long or even the loud snoring that came from nowhere. For  information, in the old time, this hotel has two giant paintings that looked like a talisman. Many people believe that those things were charm, but the owner said those things were just decoration. The last one is Marroad Narita International in Japan. This hotel is quite famous because the hotel is near the airport. That is why many flight crews and attendants chose this hotel as their place to rest. Unfortunately, there used to be a dead body that was stored in one of the rooms of this hotel for some months. The dead body was a dead body from one of the cult in Japan. That fact alone might be able to show you that there will always be scary stories to find around the hotel.

Some of the Cases Solved by Ed and Lorraine

For those who love horror things, the name of Edward and Loraine is not something uncommon. That is because this couple can be simply considered as the ghost buster couple that has helped a lot of people dealing with ghost and such supernatural things. For your information, they are also considered as the best paranormal ever. That is because there were a lot of great cases about ghost that have been solved by these two couple. Here are some of those cases.

The first one is the doll of Annabelle. This one can be considered as the first case of Edward Warren. That is because there were two girls who became a roommate in 1986. These two girls believed that there was something wrong with the doll that they have. Edward finally took the doll and after some investigations, he finally found out that the doll was possessed by the spirit of a girl named Annabelle Higgins. Not long after that, the doll was kept on the Occult Museum that he had.

The second one is the case of Amityville House. This one is also one famous case because the story has been filmed for two times by the different productions. Unfortunately, even though Edward said that the story was a real thing that happened in the past, there are still some people who consider that his story was hoax. Therefore, it is all up to you if you think the story is hoax or not.

The next one is the poltergeist case in Enfield. For you who have watched Conjuring the second, then you will notice that the main storyline of the movie is derived from this story. That is because Ed and Loraine had to investigate the thing that happened in a house in Enfield. They believed that there are a lot of poltergeist activities inside the house so that they have to do something to help the people inside the house. Even though, once again, some people at said that the story was made by some kids who were looking for attention, Ed and Loraine proved that those things were not a simple story that was made by kids. They proved that the thing was really happening at that house. Those are some of the cases that have been solved by Ed and Loraine. Even though their action was not as amazing as the one you watched in some of the movies, it is still something great.

Real Horror Experiences in the Nun Film Making

Few months ago, the Nun was released to the public. This horror movie is something that many people have been waiting for because the story is closely related with some other horror movies such as Conjuring the first and the second. That is why many people are waiting for this new horror movie. Few weeks after the premiere, this horror movie attracted a lot of attentions from many people. Unfortunately, there are not many people who realized that there are some horror experiences from some of the cast during their time when they were filming the movie. If you are curious, here are some of them.

The first one started at the beginning scene of The Nun by Taissa Farmiga. There was a scene when she had to walk slowly with a lantern on the dark. Unfortunately, this scene was taken from far away so that she owned her spot there on the pitch dark outside the castle. While waiting the director to say action, she felt the chill sensation behind her neck, but she did not tell anybody until the act is finished. Another simple but scary story still comes from Farmiga. She actually is not a kind of person who loves to watch the horror movie. As a matter of fact, she was quite terrified with the horror movie itself. That might be one reason why there were some nights when she had to sleep near the castle with some other casts and could not sleep because of many different disturbances. The worst of all is that fact that many of the other casts were sleeping without any problem at all.

The last but not least, it is the real deal from the director itself, Corin Hardy. There was a time when he had to check on the take on his small screen. However, he had to do it alone at night. One time, he checked on his cell phone and realized that there were two other lighting crews on the same place. After that, he continued the job to check on the take. When everything was done, he was happy so that he jumped to the back. Learning that there was no one there, he jumped back to his seat. That is not something that he will easily forget in his life, especially because this movie is said to be taken from the real horror story in that castle.

Amazing but Scary Hotels to Spend Your Night in Taiwan

Many people agree that there are some hotels that have bad reputation because of the service that they give. However, what about the reputation because there are some other things that you cannot see that live on the hotel. That is something that many people might have never considered. For your information, there is one hotel in Taiwan that is known as one of those hotels that offer you the amazing facilities, including the scary experiences too. The name of the Hotel is Grand Hyatt that is located in Taipei.

Many of you might have known the name of Grand Hyatt as one of the best hotel chains in the world and the same thing is applied for this hotel in Taiwan. That is because if you are talking about all of the facilities and the amnesties on this hotel, you can be sure that you will get the best on this hotel. Unfortunately, there are quite a lot of scary stories about this hotel. One of them is the experiences of some guests who heard about the snore in the middle of the night even though they were all awake.

That is why they consider that thing as something scary. Another story told you about the guest who could not sleep because of the sound of the toilet that is being flushed over and over again. In the morning, that guest asked the room service to check it, but nothing was wrong. At that very time, the guest left the hotel.

If you want to take a look at some old photos of this hotel, you might be able to find two giant paintings on the wall next to the main lift of this hotel. Many people thought those paintings were talismans to repel all of the bad energies and auras incoming to the hotel. However, those paintings were taken some years ago. Even though the hotel management said that those things were just paintings given from one of the hotel connections, many people did not just trust that kind of thing.

As an addition to there were also some guests who realized that there was a small talisman that they find behind the painting on the center of the room. The spot is hidden though, but there were some guests who were curious enough and found the talisman there. If you have to spend your time in this hotel, you might want to check the painting first.